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Abrasives industry
Used as an abrasion resistant additive for abrasive products. It can effectively improve the wear resistance, cutting and cutting force of the grinding wheel and prolong the service life and storage time of the grinding wheel. The special cryolite used in the grinding abrasives independently developed by our company can greatly improve the performance of the abrasive tools.
Aluminum industry
Used as a flux for aluminum electrolysis. The ratio of sodium to aluminum in cryolite should be as high as possible. The higher the current efficiency of electrolytic aluminum smelting, the smaller the environmental pollution is, and the cryolite with high molecular ratio is more suitable for other industries besides aluminum industry.
Glass industry
Used in glass anti-reflective coating, the glass anti-reflective ability is significantly enhanced. It can also be used as an opalescent agent for the production of glass. It is also the main material used to produce cryolite glass artificial eye and has a wide range of applications.


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